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Youtubers by language links

I was looking for youtubers and youtube channels for French, Italian and Catalan with subtitles (at least a third of the videos) in the respective languages. I found the following french channels: Cyprien, Dave Sheik, Dr Nozman, ScienceEtonnante, Le Tatou, Français Authentique, Linguisticae, Norman fait des videos and Nota Bene. For Catalan I found Tot o rés TV3 (A Tv program). Unfortunately, I found no channel in Italian with Italian CC or subs. That's why, I'd like to ask if anyone knows Italian youtubers and youtube channels about sports, science, education, linguistics,languages, interviews, interviews in the street, fun videos about every day topics, etc...(at least a third of videos with subs). Finally, I think a famous duolingoer could make up a list of youtube channels with subtitles per language. Everyone suggesting channels, we'sd have an enormous list very quicly. If it already exists, I'd like to know. Thank you.

June 19, 2017


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