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Next logical language to learn after German, for the sake of learning/acquisition?

As the title says, just wanted to hear some opinions on what would be the best language to learn after already having acquired English and German.

June 19, 2017



Japanese? For the sake of contrast?


Yes. Or Swahili, Hebrew, Turkish, Hungarian or Vietnamese.


Was also thinking that. Kind of sounds "logical" like German.

[deactivated user]

    How about Dutch? Or a North Germanic language like Swedish, Norwegian or Danish.


    If you meant the next logical Germanic language, I'd suggest trying Dutch first.


    With English and German? Dutch!


    As others have said, I'd go for Dutch if you're looking for simplicity. It's a middle ground between German and English.

    When you say you've 'acquired' German, what level are you at?


    B2 pretty much, probably going to be C1 in about half a year/to a year. Derzeit lebe ich in Wien, Österreich.


    Russian or French, if you want useful languages for reading technical information. Spanish if you want to have a 2nd language useful in the U.S. Japanese or Chinese. It all depends on what you want to do with the language.

    If you mean ease of acquisition, prob. another Germanic language would do--Dutch, Swedish, Norwegian, or Danish. People say that they are fairly easy to learn along w/ German--i.e., not too easily confused w/ German. For super ease of learning, Esperanto is said to be really easy for people speaking western European languages.


    Thanks, great ideas!


    I would go for Spanish since it is the second most widely spoken language in the world- it could come in handy.


    Dutch, definitely.

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