"There are seventeen men on the street."

Translation:Ci sono diciassette uomini per strada.

March 5, 2013

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Doesn't 'per strada' mean 'per street'? I thought 'sulla strada' meant 'on the street'. Can 'per strada' be used to mean simply 'on the steeet'?


Prepositions... we never say "sulla strada", we say "per strada", even if it doesn't make so much sense.

We say "prove su strada" to speak about tests of the perfomances of motorbikes and cars on the road.


You always come to my rescue! Thank you again. Also, we English speakers can't make a fuss about prepositions not making sense to us in other languages. After all, we say that we are talking 'on' the phone. Picture that, if you will! ;)


I forgot, we can also say "in strada", that would probably be easier to remember, if you don't consider the street as the concrete, but as a group of what is on it as well.


Can one say per la strada?


I think so, but "per strada" is more common.

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