"I dream about my wife."

Translation:Je rêve de ma femme.

March 5, 2013

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What is the difference between 'je reve a ma femme' and 'je reve de ma femme', I wonder, because according to my dictionary, both are possible.


What are the examples given by your dictionary for « rever à »? Because I don't find any. Anyway, for this sentence, « rever à » is just false, or at least we wouldn't say it.


WordReference.com French-English says: rever a: think about, dream about, daydream about; rever de: dream of, wish for, hope for. That's why I, honestly, do not understand it.


I agree with Aurélien, I have never used "rêver à" and can't remember having seen or heard it in a special phrase either.


Thanks. It is not that I do not believe it, only that I would really like to understand it (as much as any language can be understood, of course). I realize that sometimes all you can say is it is idiomatic or simply conventional and that's there is to it.


Could 'je reve sur ma femme' not work (the translation being the 'on' meaning 'on the subject of')?


the construction is "rêver de". No other preposition is suitable.


no, b/c in french that would be (translated): i dream on my wife. that doesn't sound right.


Sounds a little dirty...

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    I looked this up in the Larousse Dictionary and it says "rever de/a to dream of/about so it would seem that grammatically "je reve a ma femme" is correct for to dream about even if not used as such.


    I think we would rather use "rêver de" when it comes to people.


    Question: why is vers listed as a possible option under the English term "about"? I know it means 'towards', but I'm just curious.


    It is not a translation for every sense of about. Applies more to questions of time Vers: around, in the area of, at about. "Il arrivera vers 14 heure" He'll arrive around 2 o'clock.


    I used au sujet de, because the way I learn french through school, was that de was primarily of, and au sujet de was about. If it had said to translate "I dream of my wife" I would have used de


    Would it be possible to say "Je songe de ma femme"?


    songer à = think of/about

    un songe = a dream


    Merci beaucoup :)

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