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Describing your language proficiency

There's a summer and after-school job I've been wanting to apply for, which got me thinking - how would you describe your language proficiency on, say, a resume or application?

I've been working on my Spanish for a few years now. I know I'm not fluent, but how does one judge if they're "proficient" or "intermediate", etc.? Thoughts? How would you describe your stage in language learning?

June 19, 2017



My operating assumption is that this would work much better in Europe than in the U.S., where as far as I'm concerned this system is essentially unknown. I've never been a hiring manager, but I have been hired for a job where my language competence was explicitly evaluated, and I'd never heard of it before joining Duolingo. (would obviously be curious if anyone has experience or knowledge to the contrary)


I can think in French for simple words such as Bonjour and comment allez-vouz and things like that. When it gets harder, I have to translate things in my head


Bonne Chance or good luck on the job landing

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