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Opinions on New Website?

Hey, everyone.

I left about a week ago. I come back, and Duolingo is completely different! 0.0 The strengthen button has been moved to the top of the lesson plan - in its old place stands an advertisement! This was shocking, to say the least. They completely removed the activity button, and erased the ability to chat on other users' streams (a change I particularly despise). D:< How am I supposed to ask Moderators questions, or have friendly group chats with all my Duolingo friends?

Duolingo has always been a place for me to not only learn languages for free, but also to meet up with friends and talk. In my opinion, the changes made over the past few months to Duolingo have dramatically cut down on its appeal to learners, both new and old.

What are your opinions? Please let me know what everyone else thinks. Moderators' ideas are especially welcome.

-The 3rd Circle ^[.]^

June 19, 2017



I totally agree, although these changes had already been implemented on my other learning account months ago, as it was one of those chosen for the A/B test.

My hope is that Duolingo will find a way to replace and perhaps improve the communication system between users, making this site an enjoyable place to learn languages once again. =)

P.S. Sorry, I gave you all the lingots I had on this account - which were only 6.... XD


Hello, I just saw the ad myself. I can understand that, as Duo needs funds to be able to stay free to its users, and I guess that donations just weren't enough... But removing the Activity stream?!? Whose idea was that? I think that the Activity stream was just as important to users as the language learning features are. And, because of this, I will be quitting Duo. Might even deactivate my account.

P.S.- I also gave you all my lingots, which are 31 XD I don't need them now...


I agree, especially with the stream thing, as well. I don't mind the advertisements too much - there're only a few, and hey! duolingo's still free. I mean, how long does a website stay free and ad-less?


I was here that whole time ,every day something had changed a little I was also very sad ,At the end of the week it wasn't changing as fast anymore. I don't now what this is too


Hallo 3rdCircle. Ich bin ganz deiner Meinung. Die Kommunikation und das Aktivitätzentrum waren sehr nützlich. Sprachen eine Sprache ohne andere Sprecher ... was bringt´s?

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