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Language practice/immersion?

I'm not an adult yet and my parents like to be over protective. I asked for an account on Tumblr soley for practising esperanto/spanish and they firmly said no. I want to be able to practise talking to people, but they won't let me use any social media platforms to practice. Can anyone recommend ways of immersing myself but without being able to practice speaking/listening/writing it? I would meet people in real life but I'm rather shy, and esperanto speakers are very rare to find.

Any ideas would be truely appreciated!!

June 19, 2017



Immersion without speaking isn't really immersion. The best option I could suggest is a paid, professional tutor on a site like Italki. You pay by the hour, and your parents could speak to most of the tutors beforehand (or even sit in the room with you while you have your lesson) in order to allay their fears.



Thanks, I'll discuss that with them :)


You can't use YouTube? Ask your parents to buy you books in/about the languages you're trying to learn.


I do have YouTube, so that's a good source for listening and understanding. But yeah, I'll look out for books!


Tumblr probably isn't the most effective place for practicing a language anyway, don't worry.

For reading, you can get books from the library (or buy them) or read online news or magazine articles. For writing, you can write yourself notes or keep a diary in your chosen language, and then go over them to correct yourself later. For listening, you can find lots of music and other videos on YouTube. Netflix has quite a few Spanish programs, and most DVDs have Spanish audio/subtitles included on the disk. For speaking, if you absolutely can't talk to anybody out loud, talk to yourself. Practice saying words out loud and making up sentences off the top of your head.


Thanks! I never realised that there are so many ways to learn, especially without the internet!

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