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Audio Signal

No audio signal (voice) any more from the speakers. Problem reported only on duolingo courses, not any other applications. Any troubleshooting ideas?

June 19, 2017



Any troubleshooting ideas?

Duolingo Help Center web page "Duolingo's New Website"

Speaking exercises on the new website only work on browsers that support the Web Speech API, the most popular being Chrome. Unfortunately, the old speech system was outdated and a burden on our system. If you use the Chrome browser, you will get speaking exercises again.


Thanks a lot for your prompt response.


Really sorry for bothering again. Swiched to duolingo through CHROME but all progress so far in both languages, ie Spanish and German, seems to have gone completely, indicating the lowest level to start with again. Am I doing sth wrong?Please, consider I am not a computer literate person at all. Thanks a lot.


Don't panic!
Your profile in this discussion still shows: Spanish level 13 and German level 5.

Maybe this is the solution for your log in via the Chrome browser?

In Duolingo's webversion (www.duolingo.com) you have to:

  • click on "I already have an account" instead of "Get started"
  • then you see the "Sign in" screen
  • log in with the same username and password as you did in your other browser.


Now, everything works fine. Thank you so much for your assistance. Indeed, I panicked a little bit in the beginning, considering the likelihood of starting again from level zero. But now, everything looks great and, most important, the audio signal (sound/voice) is again here. Now, I keep going, keeping always in mind your invaluable help. Sincerely, Ioannis Bakopoulos.


You are very welcome.
I like this kind of troubleshooting and I am very glad I could help you.

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