"El are douăzeci de mese."

Translation:He has twenty tables.

June 19, 2017

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Is using of "de" obligatory with numbers


It's an "interesting" gramatical thing, for numbers of 20 and higher "de" gets used, for 19 and below it isn't. So "Eu am zece ani" but "Eu am treizeci de ani"


I think (it is similar in bulgarian) that letteral transcription is something like two ot tens which means twenty but keep the feminine of the number nut it is not like that when we said doisprezece = two to (or next to) ten


I am so confused. El - masculine două - I thought it was feminine How do I know when to use doisprezece or douăsprezece Doizeci/douăzeci?


the 'table' is female


It is not about the table gender but about the plural gender of the numerals used to form the number. zeci, sute, mii, milioane are all feminine at plural. The composite form douăzeci (one word) or două sute, două mii, două milioane has the '2' in front which out of two possible genders (doi and două) must agree with the subsequent numeral gender - feminine.

douăzeci, not doizeci

două sute, not doi sute

Now about the numeral 12, same as with numeral 2, rule is different. The choice doi versus două must agree with the gender of object counted.

Doi băieți, două fete

Doisprezece bărbați, douăsprezece femei

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