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Losing streaks due to flight

I find it a bit frustrating when i lose streaks because I was travelling the whole day. Like today, i was on a eleven hour flight and my streaks are gone...Is there a way to prevent that from happening?

June 19, 2017



Buy a streak freeze - your streak won't increase, but you won't lose it all if you don't meet your goal. It's only good for not meeting your goal during ONE twenty-four hour period, but that should be sufficient for most travel.

Also, if you have a mobile device, most airports have wifi and charging stations, so it's easy to do lessons while you wait to board your flight or while you wait in baggage claim for your luggage to arrive.


Streak freeze is a useful tool for always, not just when you travel. One never knows when you may not have access to internet etc, especially when on travels. Also remember that if you travel to another time zone that your Duolingo time is still based on the time at home. This can work in you favour or not, depending on your new time zone. Always calculate back to when the 24 hour period ticks over at home and make sure you meet that in your new time zone. As a fairly frequent traveler across time zones I have learnt to be aware of this so as to maintain my streak. Anyway good luck for the future.


Buy a streak freeze from the store.


Streak freeze is probably your best bet


yes it is called streak freeze you can buy it in the lingot store

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