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Why is Japanese course not available on browser PC version of duolingo?

I tried finding a post for this problem, expecting to see many but I could not.. so here I am asking why it says 68% hatching for the japanese course for English learners. whereas mobile has it available?

if for some reason this is a repost even though i could not find this topic feel free to thumb down :/

June 19, 2017


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The most likely explanation is that they have to redesign the website to include the new types of exercises that teach kana and kanji.


I think you've gotten the answer as well as any non-Duolingo staff member knows it, but if you want to read more on the topic, you may locate something by entering the search string: Japanese AND PC (also, check the Japanese forum)


I did and couldnt find anything


Here are two relevant threads from the first page of search results:

Note that the capitalization of the search string matters.

It has been possible to access the web version using HTML wonkery and the like. What's missing is the kana and kanji teaching features, which are question types that just don't exist on the web yet. This is the evidence base on which I judge wyqtor's comment well founded. It's also (I think) anybody who's not a Duolingo staff member or Japanese course contributor (who have been unusually mum throughout) can say about the matter, although the point in one of the above comments about Tips & Notes not being ready is probably accurate, and a great difficulty for Japanese, if somewhat question-begging (Duolingo has not previously been reticent about launching things to the web without T&N).

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