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Prepositions in Polish

Just found this very helpful webpage which might rescue some of you missing the 'Tips and notes' of the Prepositions session:


June 19, 2017

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Thank you for the link. I have not seen a "tips and notes" section for Polish prepositions.
When I got to the Prepositions section, I felt at first as if I had hit a brick wall. So much information to sort out. I'm getting there, but I've spent quite a bit of time on this section.

When I first started learning German, we first studied the prepositions that took the accusative case, then we studied the prepositions that took the dative case, and finally we learned the prepositions that took sometimes the accusative case and sometimes the dative, depending on the context. I think it was really helpful to have them organized that way.
So I'm in the process of sorting out the polish prepositions by which case follows (accusative, instrumental, dative, genitive and/or locative).

In the meantime, I found this link for flashcards to learn the meanings of each preposition :


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