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Have you ever gotten some "odd automatic things" because of learning a language.

Just to give a few examples, these things have happened to me:

  • Just now, I click the "update" button in office 365 and I get screens in ... Portuguese. My OS and office are set to English as default language. Proof. As you can see my base language is English ... yet I've magically gotten the pop-up screens in Portuguese xD (has never happened before.). Nice one Luis -insert suspicious look here- :P.

  • In the past: google suddenly and automatically showing search results in Spanish instead of English.

  • Automatically getting Portuguese / Spanish (also French but that's an official language of my country thus not odd) as display language on some websites sometimes (without clicking any links with language tags).

June 19, 2017



Yet more proof that the Internet is spying on you! :-)


On the plus side, if you manage to "confuse" Google and Microsoft into doubting your location and language, it shows that they don't know "everything" (however they certainly do / should know).

Soon I'm going to add some safety layers where possible though, as lately data isn't just used more often it's also exponentially often getting abused. Legislation is inadequate and when looking at the US, the republican government is currently completely destroying any privacy and protection on the internet.


I have one browser that does not have Java script enabled, and use that mostly. I use one other for sites needing js that I trust. No google accounts and no social media at all. A kind of Internet hermit :)


Blame developers and boycott sites that demand you enable cookies. That's easier said than done because many sites won't function properly unless cookies are enabled.


I have some Excel workbooks with tabs labelled Лист1, Лист2, etc. I also sometimes get travel ads in Bulgarian, but I think that is due more to my planning my holiday and booking a one-way flight from Bourgas, than it is due to my studying Bulgarian. I do store vocabulary in a spreadsheet, so the first is understandable, even though it happens in unrelated workbooks.


I get random ads in Spanish, French, and even a few in Korean (I don't study Korean).


Wtf on the Korean xD


I get random ads in Spanish too. It doesn't take many google searches in Spanish to get ads in the language for a few days.


My computer now loads the Greek keyboard when it restarts, independent of what it was last set to.


If you've got Windows 10, just start typing Language in Cortana and select Language Control Panel. You should be able to change the priority of keyboards. This is easier to do through the Control Panel than through Settings.


For a while I was getting dodgy lottery ads auf Deutsch instead of in English... But that's been it for me so far. I've been Googling in German for six years now and I still have to convince it to actually include German-language results by default.

[deactivated user]

    When I started to learn Spanish I found myself subscribed to facebook page of spanish memes. That was odd and stupid.

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