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Please bring back the progress tests

While the tests weren't a perfect benchmark for one's current progress through the tree or the language in general, they were better than nothing.

Please bring them back!

June 19, 2017



All of the users no longer can access the progress quiz, but it has a slight chance of being brought back.


  • Under Consideration" section; progress quiz

The staff would still rather focus efforts on creating other, more popular shop items.


I'd rather have the tests than more corny suits for Duo, honestly.


I'd like the flashcards brought back. They've only been gone a few days, and already, my vocabulary is weaker. Tiny cards doesn't seem to target a user's weakest words. I know that their return isn't under consideration, but please......


Memrise is great, if you've never tried it. Still, so many highly useful things are disappearing, it's going to be interesting to see who sticks around once they gut things.

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