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What are moderators doing?

with Duolingo's new profile look, home, etc. how are moderators going to write to people when they aren't being respectful? on other profile's we don't even have the write to the person. And how do they see when they aren't being respectful?

Thx for any responses!

June 20, 2017



Our tools are undergoing change along with the rest of the website.

We currently have the ability to contact users via email, but without seeing their email address; we can type a message and click a button and our message gets sent to their email address without us having to know what it is.

I suspect there will be some folks with fake email addresses that will never see their messages and then they'll wonder why their account got restricted or deleted. But it's what we have to work with at the moment.

Occasionally I write to a person right in the discussion, if I think it's a message that would help lots of other people without embarrassing the person I'm replying to. Usually that's folks that write "Hello, I'm new!" in the Troubleshooting forum. I just welcome them, let them know that "Troubleshooting" is not a social circle, and point them to a couple of helpful links.

If you notice anyone going off the rails, but you cannot contact a moderator, feel free report it to staff: https://support.duolingo.com/hc/en-us/articles/205101500-How-do-I-report-abuse-


Thanks! do you think we will ever get the profile stream back again? I don't think right now it is a very popular adjustment among all the users. Personally, i miss it.


Staff have said that the Activity Stream is gone for good but that they are working on new social/communication tools. I don't know what those might look like, however, nor do I know of a timeline.


Uhm..I don't know much. But Moderators are very busy (I think so). In my course, Moderators didn't care about the troubles anymore (I love your course!). I think moderators always help Duolingo when they get the message from Duolingo!


I guess they tell them in the comments, and they see when they read the comments?


It was mentioned before that moderators have a special feature that allows them to contact people breaking the guidelines.

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