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Help? French Basics

I'm going to take a trip to the UK soon and I want to learn some basic french words/phrases i'll need without learning the entire language. Anyone able to help?

June 20, 2017



I'll skip over the fact that French isn't very commonly spoken in the United Kingdom and you'll do fine with just English, but here are a few common french phrases:

Bonjour - Hello / Good Day; Bonsoir - Good Evening; S'il vous plaƮt - Please; Pardon - Sorry; Excusez-moi - Excuse Me; Je voudrais de l'eau - I would like some water; Je voudrais du pain - I would like some bread; Combien? - How much?; Attention - Warning;

Those should help you greatly depending on where you go. As I said in the United Kingdom you will not be dealing with French very often (as far as I'm aware) as the official language of the UK is English.

If you stray into Wales (strongly recommend it) you may see signs in Welsh, but everyone you speak to will speak english and most signs will be in english as well.

However if you happen to go to France, Belgium, parts of Switzerland, etc, the above should give you reference. My word of advice with France is try to speak/understand the best you can, but also realize that the average person (especially in the metropolitan areas) will speak english to some degree. If you get horribly stuck, don't worry/panic, just ask very slowly (but kindly) "Do you speak English?".

Whether they will be willing to speak to you in it, will be another question. (As a general rule, I've found younger people tend to be more fluent in English and more helpful).

Hope this helps!


Thank you! It just so happens that i'll be going to France so this has helped me a great deal.

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