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  5. "このうでどけいはじょうぶです。"


Translation:This watch is sturdy.

June 20, 2017





Interestingly, the kanji for "sturdy, durable" 丈夫な (joubu-na) is the same for the Chinese character for "husband" 丈夫 (zhàngfū).

The Japanese kanji for "sturdy" is made up of the characters 丈 "measure" and 夫 "husband, man". So perhaps this gives some insight into the traditional culture and values of Japan! (or perhaps not, I'm just guessing)


That's true. Likewise, almost all Chinese characters containing "女" have negative meanings. "好" is the exception.

[deactivated user]

    If "好" is the exception, then there are so many exceptions to your rule:

    妻 – wife / 嫁 – bride / 婿 – bridegroom / 姉 – elder sister / 妹 – younger sister / 娘 – daughter / 嬢 – Miss; milady / 姫 – princess / 妃 – queen / 妊 – to become pregnant / 婚 – marriage /

    妙 – strange; mysterious / 嬉 – happiness; joy / 安 – peace; calm / 姿 – figure; appearance / 要 – necessity / 数 – number / 桜 – cherry blossom / 努 – to endeavor; to make an effort / 委 – to entrust / 接 – to join / 始 – to begin /


    Oddly, it didn't accept 'wristwatch' for udedokei. Both watch and wristwatch are correct. Reported.


    Odd way to describe a watch


    丈夫 (jobu) was not the vocabulary word I was taught for "sturdy." I was taught 頑丈 (ganjou). What is the difference between the two?

    [deactivated user]

      Definitions from Kotobank.

      Joubu (https://kotobank.jp/word/%E4%B8%88%E5%A4%AB-533120) (1) gifted with good health; healthy (2) a thing that is well-made and hard to break (3) certain; definite

      Ganjou (https://kotobank.jp/word/%E9%A0%91%E4%B8%88-470179) (1) healthy (joubu) body; also durably-made things (2) a horse's excellent health; also the horse

      So it seems that "ganjou" has the meaning (1) and (2) from "joubu", so it can be a synonym in those situations.


      an athletic big guy can be 頑丈.


      Literally, please tell me who calls their watch "sturdy." I would definitely go for "durable."


      I've learnd 丈夫 = healthy; robust; strong; solid; durable​ In this case robust; durable seem to fit best.​


      Oddly, durable was not accepted as a substitute for sturdy, which is definitely the word I would use in English with respect to a wristwatch. Reported.


      "This watch is durable." was accepted for me.


      I don't understand what this sentence means, can anyone help?

      [deactivated user]

        sturdy = doesn't break easily

        "This wristwatch is sturdy" => "This wristwatch won't break"


        wristwatch is wrong?


        "Sturdy"? A ladder could be sturdy. I've never described a watch that way.


        Excuse an non native English speaker, but what's the difference between a watch and a clock?


        Watches are generally worn around the wrist and may also be called wristwatches.

        Clocks are typically stand-alone timepieces hung on walls or displayed on desks or shelves.

        I hope this helps! :)


        A watch is specifically a small one you wear or carry on yourself, like a pocket watch or wristwatch, a clock mostly refers to a bigger one thats set in place like on the wall, table, ect


        A watch is a wristwatch or pocket watch, basically a watch that you can carry around, while clock would always reffer to a big stationary clock like an alarm clock that always stays near your bed or a grandfather clock (the one that has a bell-like thing inside and rings like every hour). Im not a native english speaker myself but im confident in my knowledge (just keep in mind there might be an exeption i can't think of right now)


        "This is a sturdy watch" was marked wrong, and i can't figure out why...


        Kono Udedokei WA Joubu desu => This watch is durable

        Kore WA Joubu na Udedokei => This is a durable watch


        このうでどけい (は) じょうぶ (です)。 => This-Watch (IS) durable.

        これ (は) じょうぶなうでどけい (です)。 => This (IS) a Durable-Watch.



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