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Am I going to fast? I'm level fourteen, almost fifteen and i've only been doing this for 23 days?

Let me know, i really need you guys opinions

June 20, 2017



If you aren't remembering/understanding everything, you are going too fast. If you are remembering, understanding most things, you are doing fine.


It's fine if you have enough time and energy. But you should keep the strengths of learned courses high by practicing instead of just climbing the tree. Also, you can use TinyCards or other tools to memorize the vocabulary and you can get access to other basic materials in the target language to improve your reading and listening skills, expand your vocabulary.


I was like that too, I remember that I reached level 13 on German in only 1 week, but now I'm going slower.


There is no such thing as too fast.
Go full rev!


If you understand it fine then you're doing good. I was like that until I slowed down to learn some japanese as well.


An exhausted horse neither cut a distance nor carry a passenger.Take a break !


What do you think? Only you know what is too fast for you. Do you understand what you have learned? Do you remember the vocabulary? Can you use the grammar? If the answer to these questions is yes, then you are not going too fast.


“Am I going to fast?” and “Am I going too fast?” are entirely different questions. ;*)


You are a better man than I am, Gunga Din. I've giving it my all but just reached Level 16 after 202 days.


that is really fast. i think it is better to spread out the learning rather than cram it all in then forget it.

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