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What is the difference between "Ihr" and "Du" ????

Can anyone explain for me. I don't understand. Sometimes we use " du " , sometimes we use "Ihr". Danke !!

June 20, 2017



'Du' is to address one person informally. 'Ihr' is to address multiple people informally.

'Sie' is to address one or more people formally.


"Ihr" is a plural "you" (Like the slang "y'all") while "du" is just a singular "you"


du = singular you, ihr = plural you.

If you're speaking to only one person, you would use "du" (or Sie if formal). If you're speaking to more than one person, you would use "ihr" (or Sie if formal).

Sometimes we use "you all" in English which would perfectly translate to "ihr".

When in doubt, use "Sie" as it is valid for both speaking to a single person or more.

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