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  5. "レストラン"


Translation:A restaurant

June 20, 2017



The amount of words that I can spell in Katakana that I can't spell in English is just sad.


I've honestly struggled with this particular word my entire life. For some reason I just can't get it right.


Makes sense, I can't think of another word with a silent "au" in it. (It's silent in casual American English, anyway, or can be.)


i kind of answered this question with "resutoran". Well...


If you wonder why "restaurant" is a loan word, well, there are some Japanese words for similar meaning, like
料理店(りょうりてん)/料理屋(りょうりや), literally a store (店)/ a house (屋) of cuisine(料理)
食堂(しょくどう), literally a hall (堂) for eating (食) , more like a cafeteria.
食事処(しょくじどころ), literally a place (処) for meal (食事).
Actually there are many words related to "meal", and many words similar to "a house," and they can even be combined to form a noun similar to "restaurant" of something like that. But, if you find any of these in Japan, basically they all sell Japanese cuisine. Western restaurants are just called レストラン.


I got it wrong because I don't know how to freakin' spell "restaraunt."


I try to remember that it's "backwards," so to speak. It's pronounced "restaraunt" and then it's spelled "restaurant." Also, you can imagine how infuriating the spelling is, and remember the last part of the word is "rant."

Now restaurant doesn't look like a word anymore haha.


Try learning French, and then the spelling will make more sense. (It comes from French, originally, which is why the spelling seems strange for an English word.)


Shouldn't "restaurants" also be an acceptable answer? I put that, but it said the answer was "the restaurant".


The report button has feelings, too, you know.

Also, remember that this course is still a beta.


If I'm learning anything from this is that I can't spell 'restaurant' lol


who else had to retry this word because they couldn't spell "restaurant" the right way?


what are these letters called? different from the hiragana i suppose it's better to teach these letters too.. better thn guessing them =/


Those are Katakana, used for loan words like resutoran, restaurant. They're taught over several lessons as well


The Japanese alphabet system is decided into 3 main sections

Hiragana - basic alphabet for native words

Katakana - standard alphabet for all foreign words

Kanji - text taken from China most of which share similarity, over 1900 commonly used kanji but there are WAY more.

There is also

Romanji - basically it's spelling out the Japanese words using Roman letters


Should add that Katakana is the phonetics spelling of foreign words


It's actually "romaji" lol


It's actually roumaji ;)


Actually, it's roomaji. I see it spelled in two ways in the dictionary (ローマじ or ローマ字) and it's funny the last character is not in katakana in either case. But you were very very close (as was kai10154).


It would be written, in romaji/romanji, as roomaji to indicate the long vowel, but English != romaji. The pronunciation rules of romaji do not match the pronunciation rules of English. For example, repeating a vowel in English would suggest a different sound (o vs. oo), whereas in Romaji the spelling would reflect the Japanese spelling.


Old comment chain, but extended vowel diacritic to the rescue!

With Japanese pronunciation in mind: Rōmaji! :D


Audio missing on this for Anyone else? Reported but wondering if alone


I spelled it incorrect, but still got it wrong! It should of just been like its a typo


Time to REPORT! Excited Noises


Idk what's wrong with this spelling??


When you got your Japanese down but just can't do your English.

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