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freezing of recording page

Often when I go to record my voice the whole app freezes. Then I have to start the whole lesson over. Does this app not include a memory so when this sort of thing happens you can start where you left off?

March 5, 2013



I have a similar problem with recording. Approximately 10% of my recordings are not registered by Duolingo, even though I can replay my own voice. The only way I can get off the page is to hit "Skip" and lose a heart. It's not regular, but is increasingly frustrating -- especially when it's the "mistake" that sends me back to Retry the lesson. I have the latest Flash installed.


It sounds like you're on the website. Can you make sure that you have the latest version of Flash installed? Also, make sure that you allow Duolingo to access you microphone when you first get to the challenge. Let me know if this helps.


It didn't work for me :(


I have the same problem, although not every time I get the voice recording session. I have the latest version of flash. It happens on both my chrome browser and my iPhone 5.


I have the exact same problem, 9 months after the original post. I also have the latest flash, and currently using Chrome. As deborahmdukes said, this occurs about 10% of the time. I get around it by selecting "Click here if you don't want to use a microphone", then turn it back on for the next lesson through "Settings". It only detracts mildly from the experience, but still a nuisance


This also happens to me, although I think 10% is maybe a little low. I can record; I can play back the recording; but Duolingo refuses to "check" my recording. The only way out I've found is to either start the lesson over, or skip and lose a heart.


Same problem here.

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