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  5. "August eighth is a Tuesday."

"August eighth is a Tuesday."


June 20, 2017



Pronounciation Guide -

Eighth - 八日 - ようか (youka)

Tuesday - 火曜日 (火よう日) - かようび (ka-you-bi)


this is so irritating, separating 日 from the day number just leads to not learning the correct pronunciation


That's the reason that brought me here, it's so annoying! I believe it is a serious flaw in design, it's making learning this unit much more difficult than the rest of them


Can you drop the desu here?


Not really, as there is no other verb or adjective to fill the void. Maaaybe if it were a response to someone specifically asking what day of the week August 8th is, but it would be quite informal regardless.


I mean, yeah it's kinda informal and casual but as someone who speaks Japanese very regularly to a high proficiency, I wouldn't mark it wrong. For instance, sometimes if I'm with a friend at a coffee shop or something I would drop the です or だ, but that's really only something you can do with a friend.


I always forget that the 8th is pronounced ようか, it just seems so weird/random to me


Can you drop the は? Would it mean something different?


はちがつようかはかようびです whats wrong?


Is the month then day order vital?


2020年8月8日は長崎への核攻撃75周年です。土曜日になります。 2020-Nen 8 tsuki 8-nichi wa Nagasaki e no kaku kōgeki 75-shūnendesu. Doyōbi ni narimasu. August 8, 2020, will be the 75th anniversary of the nuclear attack on Nagasaki. It will be on a Saturday. 申し訳ありません Mōshiwakearimasen.


If anyone is wondering, this was true for 2017. Probably the same for all dates.


I couldnt put desu because the characters were not available


火曜日は八月八日です. was marked incorrect. Does it have to be 八月八日は火曜日です instead? does the order here matter?


The order is important here as it changes the meaning of the sentence.

八月八日は火曜日です = The eighth of August is a Tuesday. This could be said at any time before 8/8 and still be true as it states which day of the week 8/8 is.

火曜日は八月八日です = Tuesday is the eighth of August. This would only be true on any of the previous six days as it states that the date on the upcoming Tuesday is 8/8.

Hope this makes sense.


Got it. So I could use either depending on the circumstances. Thank you.


I put in the correct answer and it was not accepted


I put in the correct answer and it was not accepted

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