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Duolingo Really Frustrates Me

I'm new to Duolingo, and I have a feeling that it probably is a pretty good tool. However, I feel frustration burning in me when I'm using it. The main reason would probably the fact that I have to start from the beginning, despite the fact that I've learnt Spanish for six years, as the test-out feature isn't allowing me to jump forward. To be fair I may be not as proficient at Spanish as I believe myself to be and a little review shouldn't hurt. However, I'm just wondering if anyone else also has felt this way before?

June 20, 2017



You could ...

Use Duolingo for a few days to get used to how precise it expects its answers to be, then try testing out with the next checkpoint. If it goes well, consider resetting your tree and taking the placement test over.

If it doesn't go well, just test out of the skills in which you're confident, one at a time as you come across them. And maybe sometimes test out with a checkpoint when you are within a few skills of it.

If you have access to a mobile device, using the Android app to do the placement test (after resetting the tree on the website) is generally a lot easier than the placement test on the website (because more of its exercises don't need you to type).


Yup, that's exactly what I ended up doing. And the results were: I, really, really, need to study more... :P But I did end up testing out on a few parts where it just felt as if it were a complete waste of time for me to redo. As for the mobile device... I actually never knew there was an app for it... XD Thanks for taking time to reply!


The initial placement test should in fact provide for this very situation. It guilded nearly the complete tree for me in my native language, and my L2.


Thanks for the quick reply, I suppose then my Spanish is not as proficient as I believed it to be. Time for some review then... :P


You can also test out of groups of skills from the very basic skills to those a bit more advanced.


Yeah, I ended up using the test out feature on some skills that I found a teed bit easy for me. Thanks for taking your time to reply!


You can test out the checkpoints and entire skills. If you have difficulties doing that it would be better not to try that until you get through. Then I would recommend you to go through the tree lesson by lesson, skill by skill and repeat as much as you feel you need.


Yup, that's what I've done, and I came to the conclusion that I was being arrogant and my ego was clouding my self assessment on my actual proficiency in Spanish... (I forgot tons...) I'm currently going by the policy of: If you fail the test out, do the skills. Appreciate your reply!


The placement test is what you want to do, but it requires a bit of luck with the sequence of questions. You can go to "Settings", reset the course and do the placement test repeatedly until you can at least test out of some skills.


Thanks for the reply! Yeah, I did the placement test few times before I just gave up, and I just think that my ego got in my way so yeah... But thanks for the much appreciated tip if I ever do want to redo the placement test on some other language, as I thought the only way to redo a placement test was to do the placement test with no login, delete cookies, and refresh the page... Thanks!


Just take breaks often if you need it, and you'll feel a lot better!


Yeah, I guess every so often I get a bit cranky after doing something for a long time. Thanks for the tip!


It's always annoying and frustrating to relearn a language. That's likely one of the things the health system on ios tries to avoid by forcing people to review more.

Don't sweat it, just redo the "easy" chapters as they likely also contain some words you've forgotten. It would be worse when you skip those chapters and then keep on struggling with some basics because you didn't relearn them. Which would ultimately frustrate you even more.

I was also frustrated when doing the same thing for French (in the past I've learnt it but didn't practice it for years). But I mainly blame the comparatively poor quality of the French course. I started off motivated but it's the poor quality of the French course that frustrated me. The French course is built on the typical French "elite" attitude when it comes to the French language. The French from just a part of France gets cherry-picked and is enforced grammar-nazi style (on top of that France isn't even the only country with French as an official language). Not even to mention that the (English to) French course was the only course (out of 26 I've done / am doing -laddering-) which tried to teach me ... English. Can you believe it?


Yeah... I honestly felt quite frustrated at Duolingo, but I ended up finding at least 6 words that I've forgotten, and feel quite embarrassed for doing so... Yup, "easy" chapters are actually quite a breeze and not that time consuming, so it most definitely isn't a waste of time :D. As for the French, I'm sorry, I can't really relate on that section... :P But either way, I appreciate your reply! Thanks!


The placement test is finicky. SprightBark has good suggestions regarding it. In my experience, it seems like you've got to get a significant percentage right to quiz out of anything at all.

With your prior background, I doubt the beginning is where you need to be, but it wouldn't be a disaster, either. You'll get through the basics fast in any case, and you might well learn something along the way. I was surprised to find sentences in the first few skills in the Russian course that held learning value for me even after having finished the tree months prior.


Yeah, I'm redoing everything, and to be honest, I really need the review I'm doing. I guess the main cause of the frustration was my ego... :P And you're right, I'm blasting through the parts where I know my stuff, and there are a few places where I slow down a bit, but other than that it's pretty painless. Thanks for the reply!


Uhm...What about it?

I don't think so, if you are really love this language, you must try hard!


I suppose I have to put in some work then!


not really for me considering i was nwe to french when i started (still am) and never NEEDED the test out button


then don't use it!

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