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Talking to people

Sometimes, when I'm practicing on Duolingo, I wish I could speak or communicate to someone who is fluent or naturally speaks that language, because then I would feel ready for real-world situations. There isn't anyway to talk to an actual French or Portuguese person, but would someone who speaks one of those two languages be willing to practice with me? Thank you and have a nice day =)

June 20, 2017



Check out the Verbling "Community" section (https://www.verbling.com/community) It's good for impromptu group chats, which I like because you don't have to schedule anything with anyone else, and you don't have the pressure of carrying half of the conversation by yourself, as you do with a dedicated practice partner. It uses Google Hangouts so you'll need to install a browser add-on for Hangouts if you don't already have it.

For finding a practice partner, check out ConversationExchange (http://www.conversationexchange.com) It's good for finding a dedicated practice partner who's a native of your target language and who is learning your native language. Dedicated partners are good for building a rapport with and getting beyond the mundane "Hi, where are you from, why are you learning X language..." type topics.


Salut SLeason, I know French at a b1 proficiency level I can help if you want


Hi SLeason!
I know a fair bit of French : )
I'd be willing to help you with that ...


Bonjour mon ami! J'aime aide vous, s'il vous plait demander.

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