Does anyone know German listening media for B2?

Since my laptop's CD portal is broken, it takes quite a long time to fix it. I often insert German CDs (textbooks, books, excercise books for B2 etc.). But since it is broken, I can't practice my German listening skills and I am afraid that it will decay. Unfortunately, that is my only device which hast a CD Portal in it.

I am looking for a site where you can practice your listening skills for B2 in the German language. Does anyone know any of it?

Note: I am not looking for German radios, TV channels since I have those already. What I want is where there is a video or an audio and you have to answer the questions from that.

Vielen Dank

June 20, 2017


B2 is fluency, you can practice anywhere. DW has courses for B2 that include video and audio, there are also some youtube channels such as German with Jenny and Easy German that has some videos for B2. You can check:

June 20, 2017

I would advise you to watch shows like SOKO 5113 and Tatort. They are great shows, they are free and they feature German subtitles (super for students).

Another gem is Lindenstraße on Youtube. It's quite cheesy, but still good for learning as it also comes with German subtitles.

Tatort (go down to "Level X verpasst?"):

SOKO 5113:


June 21, 2017

I would recommend Yabla. It is 10 dollars a month (I think - maybe cheaper), but there are tons of intermediate to advanced videos.

There is also a little quiz feature in which it offers teeny clips of the audio and then you have to fill in the blank with the correct word based on what you've heard.

I've used it for a while now and I find it helpful. It can be used on mobile too. :)

June 21, 2017

I just watched a live German movie without subtitles on Das Erste called "Glückskind". My German is probably A1 but I was able to understand about 50%. I would like to watch it again but I do not know how to access it. If anyone knows please post. Danke.

June 22, 2017

It was an engaging movie.

June 22, 2017

I'm not sure it's exactly at B2, but Wieso Nicht from Deutsche Welle is a podcast that I found pretty advanced to listen to. It's aimed at language learners, so people tend to pronounce their words pretty clearly, but I found it a really big jump in terms of difficulty from the Deutsch: Warum Nicht series, which is much more pitched for beginners. It might be the kind of thing you're looking for.

June 23, 2017

otherwise an external disc drive is about £20 :)

June 23, 2017
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