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Removing only language


I love how is it now easy switch between courses in different languages. I am Czech but since there is only English in Czech I also learn German and Russian in English.

I once switched learning English in German. So I do now have in courses learning English in Czech and in German. I would like to remove German - English course but I cannot because it is only course in German language. I would even remove Czech to not have two English courses but it is the same case.

I did not mind it in previous version where was language not visible outside switching "Ich spreche Deutsch". But now I have it between my courses and I have fear that I will extend my list of unwanted courses by accident in the future. It would be great to remove language even if its only one in that language.

June 20, 2017



We have made a change that does not show courses from different base languages if you have 0 XP in that course. Hope this helps :)


Thanks, that certainly cleans up my list. However, I still wish you could put the full list on the Remove courses page so I could get rid of some courses for good. I prefer to not be enrolled on courses I'm not currently interested in and it would also mean not having 0XP in German (from god knows what language) on my profile.


The problem remains. Right now you can see English and French in my profile — despite the base of these courses is not English and I have 0 XP on both of them.

They don't appear if I'm not logged in or if I watch my profile from Android app. To see them I must browse the site being logged in — so I can see courses of this kind in any profile having them, not only mine.


Agreed. I have over the years added almost all base languages as an experiment, as a part of research or in order to answer some question. If they can show all my courses in the drop down list, maybe they can show them in the language settings.


One language per interface language always remains. If you enabled several courses on the German interface f.e. French from German and English from German you could remove French entirely wereas on the last - English in this example - you could only reset the progress to zero.

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