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A better practice

I would wish for a kind of "infinite practice" option, which pulls from all of your weak skills in random order, and just keeps on going as long as you like, or until the tree is golden.

Or if it could arrange the challenges to train the weakest skills (not the topmost weak skills in the tree as strengthening currently does!), that would be even smarter.

Anyway, i don't get why i should need to go through the "press strengthen, select timed or untimed, practice, acknowledge results" procedure multiple times if i want to train for 10-15 minutes in a row.

And i only get the last, most difficult skills presented if i guilded everything else before...

If it's about monetization (showing ads after each session) - make interstitial ads every 20 questions or so. A welcome pause.

June 20, 2017



I really like the idea. This form of practicing would better reflect real-life situations. I mean, you don't talk with people having in mind "adverbs", and then with other people having in mind "present tense".

In normal language usage, you have to use all the abilities you have acquired at once. Excellent idea, really.


I do not like the current system because your skills degrade so fast that I never actually get a chance to practice my more advanced lessons that I've taken. I wish they would at least randomize it or give you an option to rather than doing the most basic one or two skills in your practice.


Yes, I really dislike how the skills you practice are chosen based on how early they are, not on how weak they are. In fact, if you've gotten to later skills, it's easier to remember the basics because you practice them throughout the course.


If you work on strenghtening the skills in your tree, you might find this useful.


I love speaking and learning Turkish:)


There's a Chrome extension called "Smarter Duo", you might wanna try that: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/23021941


yes, nice, but still only concentrated on one skill at a time.


PRACTICE option is GONE After updating Duolingo app in iOS, the practice option is gone. :-( This was the single feature I was using daily, hence my favourite feature. I'd open the app, click in practice, then moved to another language and clicked on practice. Daily!

This was a perfect example of how technology can use data (what we have learned already, what we are good/weak at, what could we learn next, what we need to repeat more often, etc) to create a customised lesson without any other user interface. It was like a teacher to me.

Big disappointment!

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