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  5. "You learn nothing."

"You learn nothing."

Translation:Du lernst nichts.

June 20, 2017



I'm lost as to the differentiation of "keine" and "nicht".


"Keine" is just "eine" with a "k" ;) Use it as you would ein/eine/einen, basically.

"A learn" isn't something you'd say, so use "nicht" to negate it.


Simply, keine/kein is more like 'not a' where as nicht is just not. Example: Das is keine katze - that is NOT A cat. Ich mag das nicht -> i DO NOT like that.


I'm pretty sure I'm learning something


Ihr lernen nichts. Should be correct. In both languages it is present tense. Translation in English is the same using plural or singular and both subject and verb are in agreement..


Ihr lernen nichts. Should be correct.

It is not.

both subject and verb are in agreement.

They are not.

ihr requires verb forms ending in -t -- thus, ihr lernt.

ihr lernen is just as wrong as "I learns".

(Many people have the mistaken belief that there's such a thing as "a plural verb form" in German that applies to all plural subjects. That's just as untrue as believing that there's "a singular verb form" in English that would allow you to say "I learns" because "he learns" is correct and "I" is also singular just like "he".)


Whys there an S at the end of nichts?


Because this sentence uses the word nichts "nothing", not the word nicht "not".

  • Du lernst nichts. = You are learning nothing.
  • Du lernst nicht. = You are not learning.


Danke schön Herr Bar


Ist "Sie lernst nie" richtig?

Or is the correct form: "Sie lernt nie"


Sie lernst nie is not correct, because the verb form lernst with -st belongs to du, not to sie.

Sie lernt nie is grammatically correct but means "She never learns", not "She learns nothing".

And it can't mean "You learn nothing", because Sie (formal you) takes the verb forms of sie "they", not of sie "she", i.e. Sie lernen nichts.


Ah, danke!

So, from what I understood if I would like to use "lernst" - Es ist "Du lernst nie" which still means "you learn nothing" aber es ist informelle?


No, Du lernst nie means "you never learn".

Du lernst nichts is "you learn nothing".

Both would be used when speaking informally to one person.


Nichts, why not not niemal?


"Niemal" is not a word in German (not modern standard German at least); but "niemals" means "never", not "nothing"; which should explain why it doesn't fit in this sentence.


Thanks Adam, that clarified it for me


My pleasure :)


Such motivational comments is what we need right now...

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