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A few missing features ?


I haven't been on Duolingo for about 4 months, and I am trying to golden my tree and continue my progression.

Am I mistaking or a few features are now missing :? - Translation - Progression Quizz - Language level bar ( XP to next level )

I might be an temporary fix or an error from my browser, but I want to be sure !

June 20, 2017



Yeah, reduced opportunity to win Lingots, smaller offer in the Lingot Shop or how is it called, and no Progress Quiz. I don't even see the results I achieved some time ago...


You have too been migrated to the new DuoLingo portal (new code, rewritten site).

It misses a lot of features from the old site (20:80 site rewrite) and all support of user scripts, which worked flawless before (old code).

Therefore you are missing Activity streams (including private messages), progression quiz, etc.

Immersion has been turned off too a little bit longer (I never had it actually).


Thanks for your response, hopefully the quizz wiill be back soon, since it was my only way to check the progression on Duolingo !

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