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In what context does one use "Es tut mir leid" and " Entschuldigung"

June 20, 2017



When lived in Berlin, I usually heard "Entschuldigung" for "pardon me". "Es tut mir leid, das zu horen" would be "I'm sorry to hear that".


Hey Raisinnoir! Sorry I haven't been in touch since the new website overhaul. Just wanted to point out here that it should be hören instead of horen :)

Und natürlich, dass ich an deine Antwort ganz deiner Meinung bin ;)


Vielen Dank Adam. Meant to write "hoeren"; that's kind of basic. My keyboard lacks the um,laut. Hast du in Berlin auch gewohnt?


That was meant to be umlaut.


There should be an "Edit" link under your post, so if you made a spelling mistake, you could edit it in your already existing post.


Since the recent overhaul, I've been unable to edit errors as in the past. Ergo, the spelling mistake. Of course I have an "edit" which does no ,longer take.


> Since the recent overhaul, I've been unable to edit errors as in the past. Ergo, the spelling mistake. Of course I have an "edit" which does no ,longer take.

Just found out myself, it doesn't work for me anymore, either :-/


Yeah, it seems the revised system is full of surprises. What next?


Yeah, sorry, I should have mentioned the correction was for any new learners reading your post more than it was for you.

Nee, leider habe ich nicht. Vor ein paar Jahren habe ich da doch besucht.

EDIT Dann, vielleicht bin ich nicht ganz deiner Meinung :P

Wenn es dich interessiert:

  • Alt + 132 = ä
  • Alt + 0246 = ö EDIT OR Alt + 148
  • Alt + 129 = ü
  • Alt + 0196 = Ä EDIT OR Alt + 142
  • Alt + 0214 = Ö EDIT OR Alt + 153
  • Alt + 0220 = Ü EDIT OR Alt + 154; &
  • Alt + 0223 = ß

Offensichtlich kannst du immer noch einfach (x)e verwenden :)


Hi Adam, sorry I didn't recognize you. I've been on vacation for a while. It's taking me a while to get use to the overhaul. It seems they don't have followers anymore? Keep in touch. Tschuss!


Hey Raisinnoir, no problem :) Yeah, me too. I lost my progress quiz a couple days back :/ thankfully it looks like I can still edit my posts though (for now :P).

I think you can follow people, but you can't see your followers anymore. Don't know why.

Yes! Will need to find a new way to keep in touch though! Tschüss! ;)


"Es tut mir leid" is used when recieving bad news. It's like when you say "Oh. I'm sorry!" when hearing about a death or something else negative happening to someone. "Entschuldigung" is used as "pardon me" like if you bump into somebody or did something to upset them. Hope this helps!

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