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In what context does one use "Es tut mir leid" and " Entschuldigung"

June 20, 2017



When lived in Berlin, I usually heard "Entschuldigung" for "pardon me". "Es tut mir leid, das zu horen" would be "I'm sorry to hear that".


Hey Raisinnoir! Sorry I haven't been in touch since the new website overhaul. Just wanted to point out here that it should be hören instead of horen :)

Und natürlich, dass ich an deine Antwort ganz deiner Meinung bin ;)


"Es tut mir leid" is used when recieving bad news. It's like when you say "Oh. I'm sorry!" when hearing about a death or something else negative happening to someone. "Entschuldigung" is used as "pardon me" like if you bump into somebody or did something to upset them. Hope this helps!

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