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For the first time since I started...

I'm having trouble staying motivated to use Duolingo everyday, is there anything in particular other people do to stay active with it? The only thing I've found particularly useful in the past is using the mobile app whilst I'm on the toilet...

March 5, 2013



One of the Duolingo blog posts talked about how people were more likely to finish a language if they had plans to travel to a country where the language was spoken. I've made plans to spend my Summer in Ecuador and it's helping me stay motivated. I have a lot of other homework this semester but I'm hoping to stay on track. If not, staying in Ecuador for a few months will kick my Spanish speaking in to gear. :-D


I agree with Nate. Attach a goal with some kind of intrinsic reward. I am doing it because I am figuring out a way to educate girls in Guatemala that cannot afford school. I really want to talk directly with the girls without the use of translator all of the time.


Okay, I'm taking your advice, I've decided I'll cycle down to Spain in a few weeks :) Thank ya


Also get a few friends or family members to learn the language with you, then friend them in duolingo! That way you get a leader board and a little competition to encourage you. Also having someone to practice with helps with retention :D


urgh! ok.... not my interesting, but you are right with mobile app.


Is the owl crying too much? That really puts me off when I can't seem to get any lessons done. So now I practise weakest words from the home page. I can pass that and that's motivating for me.

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