100 day streak!

Super hype that I made it to 100 days. The highest I got to before was 93 days. I lost that streak because I fell asleep for 20 minutes at my laptop and then 12 a.m came around..... :( oh well, it happens. So now I'm back at it! I would like to start my french tree in about 2 weeks. I've completed my Spanish and Esperanto tree. Thanks Duolingo.

June 20, 2017


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That's awesome, congrats!

June 20, 2017

That is so amazing. You must be feeling so much pride. Congrats. Go get yourself a treat ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Thanks so much! It feels good. 100 is a really nice number :)

excellent!!! well done for coming back and making a new streak! So, in a way you have a 93 day streak + 100 day streak!

lol, I like that way of thinking. Thanks.

Well done! I am just a few days shy. proud. It's the highest I have ever managed.

Congrats to you! It's really a great achievement.

yay! you go! to a hundred and beyond!

wow you went on for that

Yep, but Duolingo has been a habit of mine for a while so it wasn't difficult.

Felicidades!!! Como va tu español?

creo que mi espanol es muy bueno, quizas la profunda parte de B2 nivel. Estoy tratando alcanzar C1. Ojala, este ano. Vamos a ver.

Well done! Keep it up!

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