what is tiny cards? Do you have to pay lingots for it?

June 20, 2017


Nope. It's a website completely separate from duolingo, though it's made by the people who made duolingo. You can use your duolingo account to log in, and set things up and ... you can learn things other than duolingo has ... brail, sign language, Icelandic, Japanese, Latin, etc.
You can also learn non-language-related stuff, like science and history. It's pretty cool. And free. Tinycards are amazing!! Not only do they help you learn anything you want to, you can have followers and you can make your own tinycards!! Have fun! :)

no its another app like duolingo, it help you memorize certain words depending on the subject.

you do not have to have an app, you can do it on the computer like I do. :)

I love you photo pic ChocoletLabLover!!!

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