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  5. I hate gems.


I hate gems.

Hi guys, waaaay back when, our cash was like this: We had soooooooo many Lingots. Soooooooooo many in fact, that we all had nothing to spend our wonderful red diamonds on. Duolingo could have easily made more things to spend our bread on. But noooooooooo! Now Duo did this to us: So why duolingo, did you take our Lingots?!? Will it help your income? No. Will it get more users, therefore more donations, therefore more money? No. Just please, give us back our lingots!! PLEASE

June 20, 2017



Duo has not taken your lingots. They have converted them to Gems on the iOS Apps but you still have the same number of lingots on the web site, so in affect they have sort of doubled your money.


Well, yeah. But why did they do it on the iOS/Android/>mobile operating system goes here< versions?


lol i hear you


LOL! The Sheriff of Nottingham taking the little rabbit's last farthing... great cartoon.


I never have seen that cartoon before, I just got all those GIFs from ohmy.disney.com.


It's a good cartoon.

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