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English Immersion - Economics

Hello. If you consider you've practiced all that was needed to practice in the Spanish-English tree, and you want to move forward on your learning journey, you might understand Immersion is the next step (if you haven't already begun that path)...

Writing...Yes, we need to make writing in english, a habit. It doesn't matter if our grammar, coherence, or/and cohesion are not excellent. Rather, that's the very point of it. To fail, fail, fail better, fail less, and less...Until we feel comfortable writing.

Reading...We must read for the sake of reading, but it's better if we learn something while doing it. It doesn't matter if you're not a book lover. Find your way into reading about the things you love, and then you might discover reading isn't that bad. Just give it a try.

Listening...There is vast amount of all kinds of material for this purpose out there. Choose those that best suit you.

In this particular post I want to share with you a Youtube's list of videos that describe some economics knowledge.

It's truly worrying that economics is not a regular subject in most of our public schools (If it isn't in any). We keep our old subjects (History, Philosophy, Civism[in some countries, yes it's a current subject!]) as if they were that important, when our society needs so badly people educated in economics.
Well, without further ado, here is the list, please at least try to watch one or two episodes...

Thank you for reading, if I've made any mistake in this post, please let me know...

June 20, 2017

8 comentarios


Maybe these videos might be better. The video you linked to is trying to sell stuff.


Hello, really?...I didn't notice the selling part...maybe you're talking about his book...after watching his videos, don't really need them...the things he talks about give a nice perspective, further research must be on our own....Oh, and thank you for the link...


I'm talking about how he is trying to convince people that money is useless, so they'll buy gold from him.


Oh...well, that's one way of seeing it...although, if I were to buy gold (which I won't do very soon), I wouldn't buy it from him...He also explains more useful stuff in the following episodes....


I just think it's better to avoid learning about a subject from someone with an ulterior motive. Especially when there are so many sources that don't have one.


Of course...one should live according to his/her own beliefs...for example, I personally think we shouldn't avoid people with ulterior motives, but learn to deal with them and use what they can offer, without compromising...
It's ok we don't agree on this, thanks for the talk...it's a good way to practice english...


(*one should live by one's own beliefs)

One last question. If you don't know the subject then how could you possibly separate good information from nonsense?


First, thank you for the correction...about your question, it's kind of ironic....the best I could tell you is what works for me, but if I had to give an educated guess, I would say: Questioning the information given, researching independently from the source, and seeking consensus among other sources...Ultimately, one has to believe in something, right?...I simply try seeing different perspectives, contrasting them, and then finally risk myself to believe in something...

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