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Times of posts.

Hello everyone! I've been having this problem since i started using the web version of Duolingo. The times of posts are inaccurate on my screen.

Example: A post just posted says it was posted 59 minutes ago, then says it was posted an Hour ago. It's not negative or anything, just kinda frustrating.

I've included a photo to show you:


Does anyone know how to fix it?
I originally posted this quite a while ago in the troubleshooting forum, but it was downvoted -5.
Yesterday, i posted it again and received downvotes & no comments when i checked it a bit ago, So now i'm hoping that someone on this forum can help?

June 20, 2017



Page refresh fixes it. It has something to do with your time difference to UTC, I believe. If you live in Denmark it shows an hour or 59 minutes, if you live on EE(S)T like I do, it shows two hours. Would be nice to hear from someone who lives on the other side of the pond or in Asia.


Thank you!
It's working correctly now.
I just had to fix a few things on my computer :)


I just posted this and here is another ScreenShot : Link


It may be timezone related. I am in Oz, and notice that my comments often appear before other comments that were there before mine. That is presumably because it is later (local time) Here than almost everywhere else.


Case in point, the comment below and all replies were there before I posted this.

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