Times of posts.

Hello everyone! I've been having this problem since i started using the web version of Duolingo. The times of posts are inaccurate on my screen.

Example: A post just posted says it was posted 59 minutes ago, then says it was posted an Hour ago. It's not negative or anything, just kinda frustrating.

I've included a photo to show you:


Does anyone know how to fix it?
I originally posted this quite a while ago in the troubleshooting forum, but it was downvoted -5.
Yesterday, i posted it again and received downvotes & no comments when i checked it a bit ago, So now i'm hoping that someone on this forum can help?

1 year ago

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Page refresh fixes it. It has something to do with your time difference to UTC, I believe. If you live in Denmark it shows an hour or 59 minutes, if you live on EE(S)T like I do, it shows two hours. Would be nice to hear from someone who lives on the other side of the pond or in Asia.

1 year ago

Thank you!
It's working correctly now.
I just had to fix a few things on my computer :)

1 year ago

I just posted this and here is another ScreenShot : Link

1 year ago

It may be timezone related. I am in Oz, and notice that my comments often appear before other comments that were there before mine. That is presumably because it is later (local time) Here than almost everywhere else.

1 year ago

Case in point, the comment below and all replies were there before I posted this.

1 year ago
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