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Is there a way to convert my new lingots (acquired after the conversion) to gems?

June 20, 2017



Where do lingots get converted to gems anyhow? I am using the website, and there is no mention of gems outside of the discussions. I stopped using the app after I completed the french tree because the app is just too easy.


On the app, as you said. (in iOS, I think). And I don't think the lingots convert to gems, exactly. From what I've heard, you get all your lingots taken away and can earn gems instead.


Yes, all my lingots were converted to gems, which I use in the app to "Master" a skill, so it won't get week for a month. But, I still earn lingots, from continuing my streak. So, now I have 166 lingots that I have no use for. I'm hoping Duolingo would let us keep converting them.


Ooooh, okay. I was mistaken. As for your current problem, I have no clue. It doesn't seem like Duolingo would (although I wouldn't know) :\


From what I have seen others say, you keep your original Lingots, but you can no longer view/spend them in iOS. However, you can view/spend them on Android/web/etc still. The 'conversion' is really about giving you some free Gems to get you started. The rate seems to be: round down to the nearest 50 and add 500.


I don't think so. Sorry :/


Bummer. Thanks


Are lingots not the same as gems? I use the web and Android. The only reason I know about gems is that my Grandma uses an iPhone. If someone learns a skill on IOS, do they not get lingots? Do gems not convert into lingots or vice verce?


No, lingots are not the same as gems. About a month ago, those who were using the iPhone app had all their lingots converted to gems. So now that I have earned more lingots, I'd like to have them transferred to gems. I don't know if that's possible.


Do your purchases on the store (like the formal attire dressing for the duolingo bird) transfer to Android?


I have watched my lingot count to see if when I earned gems that I was getting more lingots but I really haven't paid much attention going the other way.

When you finish a skill in the iOS app, you get 120 gems. When you finish a skill on the website, you get 2 lingots. If you finish a skill on the app, you earn both. I have not checked to see if my gem count has been increasing because I don't use them.

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