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  5. "Qual é o preço?"

"Qual é o preço?"

Translation:What is the price?

March 5, 2013



I know it literally translates as "What is the price?". However, "How much is it?" should also be an accepted answer.


In general meaning, yeah I agree, but what I found out about Portuguese is that its an extremely specific language (annoyingly so at times, lol) I think "How much is it?" is closer to sentences with "Quanto" for instance "Quanto custa?" or simply "Quanto é?" But...I could be wrong, feel free to correct, oh native speakers. :P


I see your point. Frankly, the problem is not the portuguese to be specific, but so duolingo. If u dont write the sentence they want.....oh.... be ready to lose hearts... unfortunately :(


Especially this far in the tree where you don't have tons of people submitting alternatives.


How much is it would be translated as quanto custa.


I put "what is the fee?" and got it wrong. Is that an acceptable answer?


Not really, unless you're asking for the fee in a university. In that case that word is usual

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