Alguna recomendación para recordar las palabras en inglés mas fácilmente?.

June 20, 2017

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You just have to keep practicing over and over. Use the tiny cards site as well.

Also learn Spanish in English on here too. If you learn the language both ways it forces you to recall more words from memory.

It is having to recall the words from memory that make them stick in your brain more than anything else.

Hi!. Thank you RobbieBattam!. :)

Im studing English at level 8th. (presential course). & studing at Duolingo at level 14th. But my comprenhension is so so. My Listening is fatality. When I Study Sound Bytes my comprenhenshon is so so complicated, but i will continue studing every days. I recommend you must study every days.

Practicar constantemente

Gracias Davidtovar282839, Y para la pronunciación que recomienda?.

escuchar a nativos y tratar de imitarlos (cada palabra). puede mirar vídeos en youtube.

OK. Lo tendré en cuenta, y pues a ver si funciona. Gracias Davidtovar282839.

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