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  5. "The feeling"

"The feeling"

Translation:Das Gefühl

June 20, 2017



Gefühl is the word i just learnt not Emphinung for feeling.


Remember to get the article right.

das Gefühl, die Empfindung

If you type die Gefühl, that's wrong -- and Duo often tends to keep the article when making a correction, thinking that you got the noun wrong, rather than getting the article wrong. Unfortunately.


I think "Empfindung" (with a "p" after "m") is more frequently used for physical sensations, whereas "Gefühl" tends to be used for the emotional aspects. But the distinction is not very clear-cut; ultimately, it depends on context..


I won't forget that word now. I was caught out by the fact I did not learn it before Gefuhl.

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