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Another streak repair post..

Ok, this is a difficult one. So I lost my 18 day streak by a total of one minute due to battery dying, waiting for it to turn back on etc etc. Anyway, after a bit of silent fuming I decided to repair the streak, accidentally hit "no thanks" and made a whole mess. Eventually managed to get duolingo to offer me the streak repair option and paid the £2.99 fee. Anyway, in order to do this is had to set my area as being one time zone behind. When I reset my time zone it then said I needed to buy a 36 day streak repair for another £2.99. I don't want a 36 day streak. I just want the 18 days I worked for back. I also feel like I can't do any more lessons without losing the ability to regain at least some of my streak, even if it is more than I had originally. Can someone help please?

June 21, 2017

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Advice: buy a streak freeze for 10 lingots and check it each day.
You can read more information about the streak freeze in the Duolingo wiki

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