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  5. "The food is for the judges."

"The food is for the judges."

Translation:La comida es para los jueces.

March 5, 2013



Why can't I use por instead of para. I seem to mix them up quite often.


In the case were someone/something is a recipient you use "para". I think of it as a "gift". Some have said "por" in this case would mean "in exchange for". You would be trading food for the judges if you use "por" here. Though both ideas might use the same English.


Thanks, I have this problem too.


thanks. was confused


The why would "por que" be used in a question? That would make it sound like "In exchange for what" whereas they just mean "for what" or "why"


Both "por" and "para" have a lot more uses than the two that I mentioned that could possible apply to this sentence. I'm not sure what the explanation of "por que" is.


Yeah, seems like it. Maybe hearing/reading their usage whenever I come across either, as I delve deeper into the language over time, will make it clearer. Thanks anyway!


if you used "para" instead of "por" in the "why?" question, you would ask "for what purpose" which is usually not what you mean when you want to ask "why".


should be las comidas as the judge is in the plural!


maybe not? you wouldn't say 'foodS' now, would you?

I think it might be like water,bad eg. "give him lots of waterS" doesn't sound right ^_^ 'meals' are a different matter.


Shouldn't it be son instead of es since there is more than one judge?


No because the "es" applies to the food which is singular.


This is becuase "es" applies to the food which is singular. In case you say "The judges are for the food." you should use "son" instead of "es": "Los jueces son para la comida." as "son" applies to the judges which are plural.


when should i use "por " and when "para"

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