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Anyone tried GermanPod101 ?

Considering signing up for this, bc I need a crash course in German (going in 3 weeks! :-O ) Other than that, I've wanted to learn it for quite some time. Any info is greatly appreciated! Thanks!

June 21, 2017



I have an account and while the material is quite good, there's one thing very, very wrong with it: spam mail. Well, actually, there's another thing wrong with it (at least, a major annoyance for me). You can only pay using a credit card. No other payment options. It is rather annoying if you don't have one of those buggers. Another thing, is that it is rather American-centric. This is of course perfect for Americans, but rather useless if you are Dutch. I mean, they actually said that German gas was rather expensive, but from a Dutch perspective, German gas is very, very cheap.

If you sign up, be sure to block the email address(es) with which they will send you a lot of advertising. (ONE DAY OFFER ONLY! 10% OFF ON PRO, LEARN GERMAN LIKE A PRO!) Stuff like that, it is rather annoying and it's not just Germanpod101 that does this, but all of the other language podcasts as well. Still, if you block their emails, you have a very nice resource.

What I would reccomend doing, is using the 7-day trial to download ALL of the material. It does not matter wether you need it at the momnent or not, just do it. After your 7-day trial expires and you lose access to most of the content, you'll have enough material to last a year. (tr least)


I am a native German speaker, so no, not really ;-)

But I ´ve studied Japanese with japanesepod101.com for a very long time and I was impressed, how this podcast grew up over the years. I love this podcast and would suggest it to anyone, who wants to learn Japanese by listening to (mostly) native speakers.

The single podcasts are very well structured and there are many 'seasons' for different language proficiency levels to choose from. And there is so much additional learning stuff, tools, audio blogs, videos, written scripts, learning tools, grammar and vocab databases, culture informations and so on, that it is worth every single cent you may pay for it.

The structure of the podcast lessons is the same for all of the other language podcasts: A small or longer dialogue, spoken by native speakers in natural speed, then in slow speed, than again natural but with translations, after that a small talk about this dialogue, clearing up new vocabulary, explanations about new grammar points and special phrases, some additional culture informations and at the end the dialogue again.

But to be honest: These podcasts are not meant as a language crash course - surely not in the next 3 weeks. The japanesepod101 podcast is the oldest one in this podcast series and they added special lines, to learn the most important things in Japanese quickly. I don´t know, if this is also the case in the Germanpod101.com, but may be.

So simply try it out, the German course is surely also ok.

For a quick sight into German before traveling, it may be better to use a travel language preparation book or website instead, i. e.



Thanks for your insight! I think I'll try the travel phrase book but for the long term, i think Germanpod is a good resource in addition to Duo, of course


You are welcome! :-) But look also in Germanpod101.com for something like a crash course. In japanesepod101.com there are several short series for traveling, 'must-know' vocabs and phrases, culture hints and so on.


There is a 7-day free trial, but after that you have to pay for a subscription.


i am just a beginner of this German course, can anyone suggest me the tips please!

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