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Motivation ideas and note taking

what are tips that people have in order to get them selves motivated to learn languages? Also, does any one take notes in a note book to write out words they have trouble with?

June 21, 2017



Some very good comments thus far!

Let's face it, learning a new language is hard as all get out. Whilst studying, it's very easy to get discouraged when a confusing concept or idea (I'm looking at you, grammar!) rears its ugly head. I've had my fair share of setbacks with German thus far, but I always keep a playlist of German tunes close by to reinvigorate my love for the language. While I may not understand all of what is being said, the music pushes me back into the fray and commands me to focus!

In addition, I have found that writing an ongoing story helps me with retention of vocabulary and grammar. It may sound kind of childish, but it really helped me to grasp concepts, etc.

For example, my tale is that of "Der Fuchs und Der Hund" (The Fox and The Hound). My initial sentences were very basic in terms of complexity and description, but, as I have progressed through my studies, the story has evolved, incorporating more and more concepts within the language.

Hope this helps! Tschüss!


This is a really clever idea!!


To get myself motivated I either imagine myself talking fluently to someone native in that language or reward myself with something afterwords ( Like chips : ) ) If I manage to do a study session for a while. And no I haven't written words that I have trouble with down, but that's a great idea!


I stay motivated by asking myself. "Why am i learning this language?"
I often envision myself using this language for the answer to my question.
Eg: I am learning Japanese because i want to study abroad in Japan. I envision myself using Japanese in Day-to-Day life and that really motivates me.

I take notes on Everything, regardless if i'll actually use the sentence / word or not.
Every grammar concept i come across, i write it down even if i'm already aware of it.


I am learning German because I am German and my friend and I want to go on a trip there sometime


Germany is such a wonderful place to visit! I have been to Bamberg, Schweinfurt, Grafenwöhr, and Coburg, and the people there were very hospitable to Ausländers. :)


"Ausländers" - doesn't exist, but sounds funny in an English sentence :-)


It does not? Well I'll be! Shows how much I know! ;-)


Ooops, I have to correct myself! :-D

The version you used ("were very hospitable to Ausländers") doesn't work in this case. But of course it exists (one of the 4 cases)! My bad ;-)

If someone would write in a blog post about the experience of a foreigner and wanted to do that in German it would be: "Die Erfahrungen eines Ausländers"


For me, my motivation is usually just curiosity of the language and the daydream that one day I'll be fluent in the language. I would love to make people think I come from a Spanish-speaking country; would love to flirt with someone in only French; and would love to be shopping somewhere in Osaka, overhear people insult me for several minutes and pretend I don't understand, and then say in fluent Japanese "I know what you're saying."

That's oddly specific, now that I think of it.

I should take notes for Japanese. Kanji is hard. I've been finding myself taking screenshots of new words, but then I never actually look at the screenshots...

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