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Any plans to add more to Japanese?

I think we can all agree that Japanese is one of the shortest courses on Duolingo, especially compared to French and Spanish. Issue is, Japanese is not like Esperanto, which is quite simple. Japanese of all languages should have WAY more content than it currently has, such as tenses and extra vocabulary. Are there any plans to make this happen?

June 21, 2017



Remember, Japanese is still in its very first steps and it's in a format that Duo is still getting used to. While it sounds like something everyone says, we just need to be patient for it to expand more.

Until then, I recommend outside resources, like J-dramas and Memrise.


Additionally there are many issues in this course (Japanese from English), which should be resolved before they add any new or additional content.


This course has barely launched. It's still officially in the hatching phase. Next step is beta, which is when the bugs are fixed as the beta users report them. It's how this process works, so don't complain, but report instead. After the course graduates from beta, it is time for redesigning the course tree and adding content. If you can't deal with bugs, wait for the finished course.


I agree. This course is way shorter than any other course offered. It's still in the beginning process from what we can tell, and based on the feedback, I am sure they will add more as time goes on.


1 year later, its still way to short of a course even with the new crown system.


I'm loving this comment

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