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The sentence: un măr, __ mere And the options are doi and duoă Why îs the correct answer duoă?

June 21, 2017


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In Romanian, there are three grammatical genders: masculine, feminine, and neuter. Neuter is kind of weird though: it's not really its own gender with its own set of endings. Instead, neuter nouns are treated as masculine in the singular form, and feminine in the plural form.

So, for example (I'll add adjectives to make it even more clear):

Masculine: un băiat bun, doi băieți buni

Feminine: o fată bună, două fete bune

Neuter: un măr bun, două mere bune

There's no good way to know when a word is neuter if you only see its singular (masculine) or plural (feminine) form. For this reason, some people recommend trying to always learn the singular and plural form of all nouns when you encounter them for the first time.


Thank you that helps a lot!

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No problem! It's a weird and kind of annoying feature of the language... but you'll get used to it and eventually it will feel perfectly natural. Nice even.

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