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Definite article alternative translations??

Guten Abend, Leute!

While I am still very much a novice when it comes to the German language, I do have a question regarding the definite articles and their usage within the language.

Now, in regards to my question, I am having difficulty understanding the concept behind the usage of a definite article within a certain Eisbrecher (love these guys) song. The lyric in question goes as follows;

"Wir sind die durch die Hölle gehen."

Now, with my understanding, I would literally translate this as "We are the through the Hell go." My confusion comes with the addition of the two "die" articles in the sentence. To achieve the effect I believe they are going for, wouldn't "Wir sind durch Hölle gehen" make more sense? The definite articles seem unnecessary, but that's probably just my ignorance. Can anyone shine some light on this for me?

Vielen Dank!

June 21, 2017



There should be a comma after 'sind' because the first 'die' is a relative pronoun that refers back to 'Wir'. A literal translation would be 'We are who through the hell go (are going)'


"Wir sind die durch die Hölle gehen." ist nicht korrekt. Heißt es vielleicht im Original wir sind durch die Hölle gegangen? ("Wir sind die durch die Hölle gehen." is not correct, maybe they sing: "wir sind durch die Hölle gegangen?") Or "Wir sind die, die durch die Hölle gehen" We are those who go through the hell


I've just googled the lyrics because your quote as it is makes no sense. The correct line is "Wir sind die, die durch die Hölle gehen." Which means "We are those that go through hell."

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