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Two sentence horror story game!

Making up two sentence or even one sentence horror stories is a great way to test your creativity and writing skills, and it's great fun, so I decided to share it here on Duolingo.

It's simple: come up with a good sentence or two sentences, enter the competition, and give me your entries! (For example, "I was looking at photos on my phone, and then I saw a picture of me sleeping...and I live alone.")

There are rules, of course:

  • No silly entries: Please avoid putting in entries like "I went to my friends house. there was no WiFi connection!!!" , "I post a discussion. it gets 200 downvotes" or two very very long sentences with lots of ands in them!

  • No swearing: Please no profanity, if you can help it!!

If you have entered the competition and realised that you really don't have any ideas for your sentence(s), then feel free to ask for ideas from other people. :)

There is no time limit, or limited number of entries, so you can put in as many as you want (but of course, avoid spamming!).

Have fun!! :D

EDIT: I'll give out lingots for good stories! ;)

June 21, 2017



I checked Duolingo one day

The Discussion tab was gone.


I was alone and packing dolls in bubble wrap...
when I heard the sound of popping.


I write a comment.

No one likes it.


I walked into my sunny room.

Suddenly everything went black.


With the crisp cool air of a late September day i return to the cabin with a near full basket of late summer berries... Hurrying to get inside i turn and look up towards the shed as the beast, the Sausquatch is unscrewing grandfather's head from his body.


Je suis allée chez moi parce que j'étais fatiguée; j'avais fait beaucoup de sport. Soudain, il y avait une panne d'électricité et j'étais seule; j'avais dit:"Quoi?"

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