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"Felizmente, ele paga pela reforma do apartamento."

Translation:Fortunately, he pays for the apartment's renovation.

March 5, 2013



This sentence should be removed. There are too many acceptable translations that duolingo is incapable of understanding.


could be "gladly" too if "felizmente" refers to "ele"


No, it couldn't. Even if "felizmente" comes from "feliz" (happy), it doesn't mean "happily", but "fortunately" indeed.

To say "happily", you could say "alegremente". And to say "gladly", "contentemente".


Imo that sounds a little strange in English though, unless a narrator is narrating a story or something I think. :s Since gladly is kind of a personal feeling, like "happily". I think what's fortunate is the situation.


That's right, in english the sentence would be "He gladly pays for the apartment renovation". In portuguese this construction is quite possible e.g. when narrating a story.


The sentence/paragraph could be: "he had a party and ruined the apartment....fortunately he paid for it's renovation"


I don't understand all the comments - I was asked to repeat what I hear not to translate...there was no written Portuguese.


Would not reforma be more like remodel than to renew or renovate?

[deactivated user]

    renovation, so it seems, is the technically correct word when it comes to buildings. Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary, 8th edition

    reno • vate BrE / renəveɪt / NAmE / renəveɪt / reno • va • tion / BrE renəveɪʃn ; NAmE renəveɪʃn / noun [ uncountable ,  countable ,  usually plural ] buildings in need of renovation renovation work There will be extensive renovations to the hospital. It does say,usually plural when used as a countable noun.

    © Oxford University Press, 2010


    It could be. But it's very common to say "reforma" just to make it look as new again, without big changes.


    Could you say "thankfully" for "felizmente"?


    Yes, it's a possibility.


    No, it isn't. "thankfully" is equal to "agradecidamente".


    I think .. , it pays .. should be accepted, as ele may refer back to um empréstimo, um pagamento, um benefício etc mentioned before this particular sentence. Reported.


    Duolingo doesn't accept "luckily" here... Is it wrong?


    It is a possibility. But it's more like "afortunadamente". Thats a meaning of luck.


    Renovation(s) can be with or without an 's' in english here


    I answered, "Fortunately, he pays for the renovation for the apartment." It was graded, INCORRECT.

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