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How do I remove "Learning English" from Japanese and Korean? They have appeared on my profile.

I somehow added courses for Learning English from Japanese and Korean to my profile and I can't get them to go away. I tried going into the course and deleting them, but the button is gray and won't allow it (it only lets me reset progress). Help!

June 21, 2017



I just added "Esperanto" to my portfolio. Then I went to "Settings" -- "Learning Language". Here, the last active language will be displayed.

Below the indication of that active language, there is a button "Reset or remove language." When you click on that button, ALL your languages will be displayed with the options "Reset progress" and "Remove".

Here, I removed "Esperanto", and I keep the languages that were originally there.

I think the same should work for your "English".

June 21, 2017


Since the newest change of the website, I also have 8 additional new level 1 learning directions in my list I have never learned with Duolingo (i. e. German from Turkish - I am native German and do not know any Turkish yet) and the remove button is greyed out. Additionally I am not able to understand any word in these languages (i. e. Turkish), but to delete this direction, I have to change to it and then the website interface turns to i. e. Turkish, so that it is difficult to do all actions correcty - at least I am afraid, that I may accidentially delete one of my languages, that I actually learn and loose so my success.

I reported this issue as a bug.

June 21, 2017


I notice today that the 2 English courses have disappeared from the drop-down menu (when I use Duolingo on desktop), but that it still says I'm learning English on my profile. I'm not trying to learn English! And there seems to be no way to remove it. Hopefully they will fix it soon.

June 21, 2017
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